Fall into Fear

The Dream, “Fall into Fear”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on Facebook“ I am in my bed at night. I hear coyotes in the distance. There’s a window at the foot of the bed and a light in the sky, shinning in. I sense there’s something out there. I move toward the window and as I do I am sucked […]



Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI am swimming in the ocean with others and there are many people on the rocks and in the trees, which I can see along the shore line. All of these people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a star that is to collide with the ocean! (The people […]

Dracula's Sandwich

Dracula’s Sandwich

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookWe are having dinner in a house waiting for Dracula to come. I can’t find the mayonnaise. Dracula is finally in the doorway. I am surprised he has no pointed teeth. He sits down beside me and I give him a sandwich. I go to the car and drive […]

Chart the Growth

Chart the Growth

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookIn expressing the dream “Chart the Growth,” I have chosen to paint a Bristle Cone Pine as a woman, (as me in fact) and resembles a famous photograph taken by Ansel Adams in the 1940’s. The old twisted tree tells the story of a life that is very ancient […]

The Branching Woman

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookDream Painting by Brenda Ferrimani, for Patricia Garfield. This is Patricia Garfield’s dream from her journal dated 3/9/79, and also contained in her new book called Mourning Dove Dream Poems. “I am with a group of professionals at a conference. We are discussing various aspects of dreaming. Several people […]

The Dream, “Alone in the Desert – The Pain of the Soul”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI was alone traversing a desert of red sand that burned my feet.  A woman came in front of me and sprinkled something white, a powder that covered the ground and the burning stopped. Dream Journal Entry: February 10,1998  The thought of aloneness, being marooned on a deserted island […]

Teenage Scavengers

The Dream, “Teenage Scavengers – A Lesson in Love”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI am transported to a place high above the clouds. The land here is arrayed with all the brilliant colors of autumn. The sun is shining brightly as a beautiful winged angel, guides me through the golden fields to a house.There’s a porch on this old country house, where […]

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