Sunflower Project

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2020 Sunflower Mural Project

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During the isolation of the pandemic I’ve focused on beautifying my place. Sunflowers and world calamities seem paradoxical but for me it’s sanity! If you want to connect with me, in the future, you will find me hanging out in the corner of my special garden gazing at my sunflowers- probably drinking wine in my favorite blue rocking chair!

In deeper contemplation I have been thinking how the saying “we’re waking up” has become very popular these days. It’s become as mainstream as the term “collective” and yet I doubt people realize what they are eluding to. Truth is, I do feel something stirring deep in the collective – a search for truth like never before. It is so confusing now, and people are changing as more and more truth emerges. This in-between-state is referred to as “cognitive dissonance” – another term that has become mainstreamed. I don’t think any of us are without a little inconsistency as we evolve towards consciousness.

The Sunflower is a symbol for the Sun and therefore, consciousness. Yes, I believe we are all waking up, we are slowly becoming conscious, that we are all one and all connected to Source. The mural depicts a scene under a moonlit sky, which is the dark and temporary state we find ourselves in at the moment, as we continue to track the light together. Soon a new age of enlightenment will begin. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves for this difficult stage we are going through and instead hold the vision of a New Earth as we emerge into the light together.

Brenda Ferrimani

P.S. – A big thank you to Jeremiah Kitchen and Ryan Graves, of Next Door Home Services, who installed the mural. I am so grateful for their expertise and careful handling of my artwork, and highly recommend their company for any remodeling. Contact them at or 970-402-3143

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