The Dream, “Journey to the Center of the Universe”

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Journey to the Center of the UniverseI am traveling with people through space. We reach a place…It’s the center of the universe! We know this even though the name is not spoken. It is a very pure and sacred place.   Here we are allowed to put special equipment on for floating out in space using lines that allow us to stay attached to the ship.

We float way out and back. Someone says the area is the size of the circumference of the earth. We are careful to not allow any garbage from inside the ship to contaminate the sacred environment.

There’s a container which dispenses crayons that I am preparing to take out. I am testing it to see how it works. Someone else has a container full of a type of dust. The emission from the container is a very fine stream and so it is permitted. We enjoy our time here.

There’s a family aboard ship. We visit them in a beautiful scene outdoors, as the young son and daughter have lunch with their parents. This is a place of bright light and joy. It is time to go now, and the family must come along for the rest of the journey. We continue traveling.

Now we are all looking out as we pass by a beautiful ocean. The most beautiful I have ever seen! The water is crystal reflecting only a little aqua. We marvel at how huge and crystal clear the waves are. I say, “This is the ocean in my dreams!” Then I reflect that the blue ocean on earth must be patterned after this ancient crystal ocean in the universe. We all smile silently as we are moved along and watch the waves rise and break.

Dream Journal Entry: November 12, 2002

When I awoke from this dream I felt a wave of inspiration had washed over me!

The vision I had been given humbled me to acknowledge a source outside and above me. At the same time I was also aware that it was I who had created this simple yet profound experience. I had been transported to the very center of the self, and had been a witness and participant in what occurs there.

Examining the dream contents revealed three distinct areas at the center. The first place we visited was a vast and empty place that we were free to explore. I call this Creative Space.

Creative Space is empty yet full of potential, much like the void out of which the universe in waking reality was born. Creativity in the truest sense cannot be limited by what is known to humans in waking life, that is why we must not bring anything from that world into this pure and sacred environment, where we experience our own divine power to be original. It is “the size of the circumference of the earth” encompassing all that is relative to our waking experience. Here we find solutions to problems and discover the totally new. We are able to test any idea adding color or vividness, giving the idea real shape, bringing it to life much like an artist can animate a drawing. The fine stream of dust brings to mind star dust, fairy or pixie dust, and what would Creative Space be without this little bit of magic?

Next, we visit a family having a picnic. This area contains all the perfect ingredients considered wholesome to human personality development. There’s plenty of light and fresh air, nourishing food, support and guidance from loving parental figures and playmates, with whom we can practice the skills we learn in this place of Personal Growth.

Finally, we visit a beautiful crystal ocean…“The most beautiful I have ever seen!” I immediately recognize it as the “ocean in my dreams.” Many dreamers have come to know the ocean in their dreams as The Collective Unconscious. Just as our blue ocean in the waking world holds the mystery of all life on the planet, the ancient crystal ocean holds the mysteries of our universal history, every myth and idea shared by humanity throughout time giving clarity and meaning to the deep questions of our existence.

Article published in DreamTime Magazine (Association for the Study of Dreams) Summer 2004

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