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Please enjoy some of my favorite links:

Dream Work

  • Jeremy Taylor Jeremy Taylor is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister and has worked with dreams for over thirty years. He blends the values of spirituality with an active social conscience and a Jungian perspective.
  • Recurring Dreams and Dream Radio Show Kathleen Sullivan’s work focuses on dreams and dreamwork. In addition to her classes, publications, and workshops, Kathleen also conducts facilitated dream groups; is available as a dream coach, and to engage with individuals one-on-one to understand their dreams and the vital role they play in human development.
  • Billie Ortiz, Dreamworker, Speaker, Organizer, Writer. Billie brings many years of experience, an amazing natural talent, and a deep respect to the Dreams and Dreamers she serves. She offers Dream Retreats as well as numerous workshops/events throughout the year in Colorado

Artists, Writers, Musicians, and the Healing Arts

  • 7 Arts Studio  7 Arts Studio is a magical ‘playhouse in the woods’ where Drumming Circles, Dream Groups, Tai Chi and Art happen on aregular basis. Noreen Wessling is an artist with a varied palette, who created “Dream Treasure Cards” from personal dream art. Notecards evolved from travel paintings. Stained glass is another favorite medium, as is sculpture and enamel art. Noreen is also a Contributing Artist adn Author for Dream Network and is one of their Council of Advisors.
  • Jeane Nevarez: Surreal Fantasy and Dream Imagery    Jeane paints images from her subconscious mind. Her whimsical and poignant paintings are a reflection of an eccentric imagination.
  • Leah Whitehorse  Featuring dream related art.
  • Suzanne Rougé,  Healer, Teacher, Artist, Visionary. Suzanne offers: self-generated ceremonies, Spirit Stones, guided meditations, Mother Earth Rattles, plant medicines, reflexology and Moon Circle teachings.
  • Laura K. Deal, Teacher, Writer, Dreamworker. Laura is a professional fantasy writer and also teaches workshops on writing, and dreamwork.
  • Star EdwardsTalented Celtic Harpist, teacher and composer/author
  • Jonathan Zap, Writer, Philosopher/Visionary, and Dream Worker. is an interactive web site for oracle readings, with lots of interesting articles and products.
  • Dreaming While I’m Awake—Kathryn Taylor Art is Life-Go Make Art! I’m convinced that everyone can make art. Being creative is not the gift of a few we’re all born with the ability to create. Here you’ll find Kathryn’s art and the process she uses to make it and hints for making your own.
  • Spherical Improvisations Marianne Green, inner-peace activist, professional musician, teacher and specialist in Sound Healing, uses rich overtone instruments artistically for Healing and Transformation. Her work is that of ‘At-TUNE-ment with the Creation’. It brings harmony, upliftment and deep healing of the Soul.
  • Prospect Artists Association Prospect New Town, Colorado is my new neighborhood. It’s a vibrant, creative community, with some awesome talent. Check out some of the other artists living there.


  • Dream Gate  A center for dream information online since 1995, DreamGate hosts a monthly course on the History of Dreams, the Dream Library, the Electric Dreams e-zine, the Post-Modern Dreaming Page, and is a nexum of grassroots dreamwork.
  • Dream Network Dream Network has been “evolving a dream cherishing culture” since 1982.
  • Dream Tree Since 1995, the Dream Tree has been an online resource center for for people interested in dreams. At The Dream Tree, you can discover the latest dream news, explore the world of dreaming, learn about the role of dreams in history and culture, and connect with other dreamers worldwide — to share dreams, to network, or to exchange ideas.
  • Journey of Your Dreams At this site, you will find powerful resources to: discover inner guidance through your sleep dreams, daydreams and guided dream journeys; honor your natural creativity; transform your life through guided imagery and hypnosis; and create the body your soul desires.
  • Lynne Grasberg, Speaker, Trainer, Humor Facilitator. Lynne’s an expert on workplace humor, presentation skills, creative problem-solving, teamwork, and conflict resolution.
  • Archetypal Academy Offering State-approved Certification Programs, and Degree-level Programs in: Archetypal and Jungian Psychotherapy
  • Whispering Tree is a valued resource for information and personalized assistance regarding individual spiritual exploration, as well as educational workshops and great products. Whispering Tree supports the belief that spirituality is an individual journey and that the self is the best guide.
  • Easy-Dream-Interpretation Your nightly dreams are an amazing tool that you can use to enhance your life. This website will guide you in learning to read your own dream language and get to know yourself better in the process.
  • Real Meaning of Dreams This website is a free online resource designed to help you discover the meaning of your dreams.  They want to provide information on all aspect of sleep and dreaming so that you can become your own dream expert.
  • The Intuitive-Connections Network  ICN, edited by Henry Reed, Ph.D., is an online magazine for a global intuitive learning community. As director of Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, Reed features book summaries, reviews, original articles by Atlantic University students and others, as well as complete archive files. The ezine explores countless facets of body-mind-spirit connections, including Reed’s landmark research on dreamwork and creativity, spiritual art of his watercolor mandalas, and Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group Process

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