Must an Artist Struggle?

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on Facebook “Artists struggle for integrity”, “Artists struggle for success”, “Artists struggle to be original”, “Artist struggle to transcend pain” – All quotes I found when I googled “Artists struggle.” – Yes! ARTISTS DO STRUGGLE! My life and work as a Dream Artist is a testament to this painful but glorious […]

Welcome to the Newly Updated Website!

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookIt’s been well over a decade since the creation of, and so it’s exciting to implement some new features that will infuse new life into my on-line sharing! This site is set up for blogging, so I hope that you will visit regularly and share your thoughts and […]

Amazing Women’s Dreams

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookSince 2003, I have started to build a body of work called Amazing Women’s Dreams, which, when completed (estimated finish date 5 years from now) will be the basis for an art exhibit. These dream paintings will be a contemplation of questions like: What do amazing women have in […]

Whale Speaks

Whale Speaks

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookThe painting “Whale Speaks” by Brenda Ferrimani is inspired by a dream titled in her journal, “A Whale Tries to Communicate”: “There’s a program on television about a whale which tries to come out of the ocean to communicate. It pushes against Christianity to do this. I am very […]

The Silver Tool

The Dream, “The Silver Tool

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI had a Silver Tool and I was drawing circles that became worlds. My son watched me as I worked. He said, “Mom, that’s cool! Can I use it?” He took the tool from my hand and left in his car. Dream Journal Entry: June 3, 1998 Long ago […]

I am Salmon

I am Salmon

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on Facebook“I am in the spirit realm and I ask Spirit for a name. The name I am given is Salmon because “I try so hard and through my struggles new creation is born.” As I try to tell the people in my dream about my name I find myself […]

Meeting the Inner Saboteur

The Dream, “Meeting the Inner Saboteur”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookPainting of a dream given to me by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D You asked for a transformational dream and so I give you this one which came at a time in my life when something had happened with an individual with whom I worked, that was very difficult. This was […]

Rise to Do the Difficult

The Dream, “Rise to Do the Difficult”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI am at work in a carpentry shop. I see windows on the work bench under construction. Light is all around me when an angel appears and declares,”To Rise Do the Difficult.” I feel overjoyed that I have been gifted with this heavenly insight…One that will change the world! […]

Luna Lights

Luna Lights

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookThe 4th painting in the body of work called, Amazing Women’s Dreams by dream artist, Brenda Ferrimani In this fourth painting of “Amazing Women’s Dreams,” I take my inspiration from the dreams of Candace Pert, Ph. D. She’s known world wide as a brilliant scientist, pioneer of pharmacological research, […]

Journey to the Center of the Universe

The Dream, “Journey to the Center of the Universe”

Follow Brenda Ferrimani Dream Art on FacebookI am traveling with people through space. We reach a place…It’s the center of the universe! We know this even though the name is not spoken. It is a very pure and sacred place.   Here we are allowed to put special equipment on for floating out in space […]

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